7 Causes of Headaches Back. Don't Underestimate it!

7 Causes of Headaches Back. Don't Underestimate it! - We must have had a backache, right? Although sometimes this pain sensation can go away on its own, many people think this is related to more serious health problems such as high cholesterol or hypertension. Actually, are these two health problems the cause?

7 Causes of Headaches Back. Don't Underestimate it!

Various causes of back headaches

Health experts call high cholesterol and hypertension a silent killer. The symptoms cannot be recognized clearly and can suddenly cause more serious health effects. This means, the notion that back headaches associated with these two health problems is not necessarily true.

Here are various causes of back headaches that we should be more aware of.
  1. Bad posture

Health experts call poor posture such as sitting and standing in a bent position because excessive use of devices can actually trigger a backache. This is caused by poor blood circulation and greater gravitational pressure on the head or neck due to poor posture.
  1. Having tension type headaches.

Tension headaches are usually characterized by symptoms of headaches with a sensation of pain around the head. Only, at the back of the head will appear a very strong pain sensation. This sensation can be experienced by adults due to excessive stress, dehydration or lack of drinking, to dazzling light.
  1. Having inflammation of the blood vessels

One of the causes of back headaches that must be anticipated is inflammation of blood vessels which in the medical world is called giant cell arteritis. This condition can occur in blood vessels in the back of the head or around the eyes. This is what then causes the sensation of pain and discomfort.
  1. Having problems with the neck muscles

If the neck or bone muscles in the neck are experiencing problems, then the risk for headaches, including headaches in the back, will increase. In addition, we can also experience it due to spasms or spasm in the neck muscles.

If the neck is injured to the problem of posture due to bad habits that are done in the long run, then the risk of getting a headache will increase.
  1. Having bleeding in the brain

Bleeding that occurs in the brain or better known as subarachnoid hemorrhage can also trigger the emergence of back headaches. Usually, headaches triggered by this condition will appear suddenly.

The cause of bleeding in the brain is also quite a lot, but often this is triggered by a head injury that must be checked using a CT-Scan to find out how severe this condition is and determine the appropriate medical treatment.
  1. Having migraines

Migraines can also trigger back headaches. In fact, in many cases, this condition can cause symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Often, this condition is related to the habit of consuming foods with high salt or MSG content. In addition, physical activity and excessive exercise can also cause back headaches.
  1. Associated with tumors

In some cases, back headaches are related to the problem of brain tumors that cannot be underestimated and must be treated immediately.

Seeing this fact, do not hesitate to check the health condition if you often experience backaches. Especially if the cause of this condition is unclear.
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