The Impact of Hobbies on Eating Processed Intestine

The Impact of Hobbies on Eating Processed Intestine - Indonesian people are known to have a very strong culinary culture. Here, we can eat a variety of unique dishes with delicious taste. One of the most preferred preparations by the public is the intestine. Intestine is actually included in the innards of animals. Although it usually has a chewy and tough texture, in reality many people like it. It's just that, the hobby of eating intestines can be harmful to health?

The Impact of Hobbies on Eating Processed Intestine

Various effects of processed intestinal eating habits

Health experts say the intestine tends to be savory and fatty so it makes many people addicted to consuming it often. Unfortunately, health experts call processed intestines, including high cholesterol content. For information, if we consume only 30 grams of intestine, then we already get as much as 165 mg of cholesterol.

The problem is, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises us to limit cholesterol consumption to a maximum of 300 mg. This means, if we consume more intestines than 30 grams or also eat foods with other cholesterol content, it is likely that bad cholesterol levels in the body will increase.

The existence of this bad cholesterol will not only increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. This will also cause indigestion.

In addition, it is common knowledge if the hobby of eating offal such as the intestine will increase the risk of gout. This is caused by the purine content in it which is very high. If until we get this disease, then the joints will be vulnerable to pain which will certainly make us difficult to do daily activities.

Another impact of consumption habits such as intestines

Not only can trigger high cholesterol and gout, health experts say there are many health effects that will be obtained if we like eating intestines such as intestines.

Here are the various kinds of impacts.
  1. Offal has a toxic content

Some types of organ meats such as liver and kidneys from animals like cows, goats, and chickens actually have functions similar to human hearts and kidneys, namely controlling toxins in the body. This means, in these organs it can have toxic substances that are less good if we consume it often.

Health experts mention several types of poisons that can be found in the innards like cadmium, arsenic, lead, selenium, and others. For the sake of maintaining health, we should indeed limit the consumption of innards in order to prevent these toxic substances from entering the body.
  1. Can increase parasitic infections

We certainly have seen the news that shows the hearts of cows or goats that have been filled with worms, right? Usually meat infected with parasites such as worms is not suitable for consumption. Unfortunately, the innards are also potentially infected with this parasite so that if we keep eating, it has the potential to cause health problems.
  1. Can trigger indigestion

The intestine tends to have a hard texture even though it's been processed for a long time. Indeed, it's chewy taste can make us really enjoy it, but the intestine tends to be difficult to digest by the stomach so too often consumed it is feared to be able to increase the risk of digestive disorders.

In addition, if the intestine is not treated properly, there may still be a lot of bacteria left behind and cause digestive disorders such as stomach pain.
  1. Causes skin problems

Most edible offal, including the intestine, uses high-fat ingredients such as coconut milk. Although it can make it have a good taste, the presence of this fat can increase the risk of skin problems such as acne or wrinkles.

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