Raw Eggs, Make Healthy or Dangerous If Consumed?

Raw Eggs, Make Healthy or Dangerous If Consumed?

Raw Eggs, Make Healthy or Dangerous If Consumed? - If you look closely, quite a lot of people deliberately consume raw eggs. Apart from being used as a mixture of herbal medicine, sometimes raw eggs can also be consumed immediately or added to some types of food. Those who consume them consider raw eggs to be beneficial for health. Is this assumption really true?

Assumption that raw eggs are nutritious

Raw eggs are actually quite often used as a mixture when making a variety of foods such as cookie dough or used as cream and food sauces. The existence of raw eggs can make the dough rise, softer, and thicker. It's just that there are some dough that is not cooked back so that actually when we consume it we consume raw eggs.

In addition, many people make raw eggs as a mixture of traditional ginger honey egg milk drinks. In fact, some sportsmen believe that raw eggs mixed in a protein shake will increase stamina.

Indeed, health experts say that uncooked eggs contain vitamins, minerals, fats, and antioxidants that are much higher than eggs that have been cooked, but that does not mean we can consume raw eggs carelessly.

In fact, the protein in raw eggs is more difficult to be absorbed by the body

The assumption that raw eggs can provide higher amounts of protein can be considered inappropriate. This is caused by the condition that is still raw actually makes the body difficult to absorb protein. Although the amount is more, of course this will be useless because only a little protein can be absorbed.

Research conducted in 2004, published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, actually revealed the fact that the body absorbs more protein in ripe eggs. The amount can reach 90 percent. If we eat raw eggs, only 50 percent of the protein in the eggs will be absorbed.

In addition to protein, biotin absorption is also not optimal

In addition to protein, health experts call the process of absorption of biotin or vitamin B7, it will also not be optimal if we eat raw eggs. This is due to the nature of this vitamin which is water soluble. In addition, the presence of avidin protein in egg whites that are still raw can make biotin bound and ultimately cannot be absorbed by the body.

If we cook eggs, the avidin protein content will be destroyed and ultimately make biotin better absorbed.

Eating raw eggs increases the risk of bacterial infection

Health experts call the hobby of consuming raw eggs can actually increase the risk of becoming infected with salmonella bacteria. For information, these bacteria are easily found in a variety of animal products such as meat, eggs, and raw milk. If it enters the body, the risk of experiencing indigestion will increase.

Here are facts about the risk of salmonella bacterial infection if eating raw eggs.
  1. This bacterium can be found inside the eggshell

Health experts say raw egg shells are prone to exposure to salmonella bacteria that come from chickens that spawn them or from egg storage and distribution processes that are less hygienic. If we eat raw eggs, it is feared that the contents of the eggs can be exposed to these bacteria and eventually we also consume these bacteria.
  1. Symptoms of salmonella bacterial infection

If you get infected with salmonella bacteria, usually the symptoms will appear about 6 hours or three days after eating raw eggs. Symptoms can include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, fever, severe headaches, to dehydration.

Seeing this fact, we should indeed cook eggs first before consuming them.

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