Peanuts Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol?

Peanuts Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol? - Who doesn't like snacking on peanuts? Indeed, for those who are experiencing allergies, eating nuts can cause harmful effects, but in general, nuts are safe and enjoyable for consumption. It's just, is it true the assumption of many people who call hobbies then peanuts can reduce cholesterol?

Impact of eating nuts for cholesterol levels

In nuts, regardless of type, there is a very high content of vegetable protein. Besides, we can also find antioxidants that contain polyphenols and p-coumaric, a type of acid compound that is good for health.

In fact, if the peanuts are processed by roasting, the p-coumaric content in them will increase significantly. This can make antioxidant levels increase by 22 percent or equivalent to healthy fruits such as blueberries and strawberries.

Roasted peanuts without added seasoning or taste are very good for the health of arteries. If we consume just one-quarter cup, then we can get a single unsaturated fat intake with an equivalent amount of olive oil as much as one tablespoon. The existence of monounsaturated fat is then potentially able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol significantly.

Besides, there are also very high levels of niacin in peanuts. This content can restore damaged cells or ensure the cell regeneration process goes well. This can have a positive impact on reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's or other degenerative diseases.

Nuts are also high in vitamin E which is widely known to prevent the arrival of cardiovascular disease and cancer. This means regular eating peanuts can also provide greater health benefits.

We can also get other healthy ingredients from beans. For example, we can get calcium and iron, ingredients that are usually found in milk which are good for blood and bone health.

Besides, in the beans can also be found in the content of resveratrol bioflavonoids which can make blood circulation to the brain up to 30 percent, reduce bad cholesterol levels up to 14 percent, and reduce the risk of stroke and colon cancer.

Other benefits can be found in nuts

In addition to the health benefits mentioned earlier, health experts say many other health benefits can be obtained if you regularly consume peanuts.

Here are the various benefits.
  1. Reducing blood sugar levels

Health experts call the intake of roasted peanuts, instead of fried, added flour, or given other herbs can help lower blood sugar levels. This is caused by the presence of fiber and manganese which can help reduce excess glucose in the body. This is what then affects blood sugar levels significantly.
  1. Can help prevent premature aging

Eating peanuts regularly can also help prevent premature aging problems. This is caused by the presence of vitamin E in it which can provide skin health benefits. In addition to vitamin E, we can also get B vitamins that can provide the same health benefits.
  1. Can reduce the risk of gallstones

Health experts say the content in nuts can prevent the arrival of infection in the gallbladder and prevent the formation of gallstones.
  1. Can help prevent cancer

Actually, to prevent cancer, we must change our lifestyle to be truly healthy, but health experts call the habit of consuming peanuts high in p-coumaric acid content which can play a role in effectively reducing the risk of getting cancer.

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