7 Causes of Bleeding That Happen at Breast Nipples

7 Causes of Bleeding That Happen at Breast Nipples - Bleeding in the body can occur anywhere. Not only in the injured leg or hand. Even in private parts, bleeding can occur. One bleeding that can occur is bleeding from the nipples. If you experience sudden bleeding whether mild or severe in that area, it is better to see a doctor immediately.

7 Causes of Bleeding That Happen at Breast Nipples

Causes of bleeding in the nipple

Nipples may experience problems such as bleeding because there are serious problems. Although not all problems trigger significant disturbances, this condition greatly interferes with daily activities. The following are some of the causes of breast nipple bleeding in women.
  1. Paget's disease

Paget's disease can occur in women especially those who have breast cancer. Someone with the condition of breast cancer 1-4% chance also get this disease. That's why if doctors find women have Paget they are advised to do a biopsy.

Paget's disease is very similar to eczema and psoriasis. The nipple will experience swelling, inflammation, and redness. If touched it will feel uncomfortable. Under certain conditions, bleeding can occur.
  1. Candida infection

Women who are breastfeeding are very susceptible to having problems with their nipples. Because it continues to milk and is sometimes bitten by the baby, the nipple may have a bacterial infection. Well, one of the bacteria that causes infection is candida.

A person experiencing a candida infection will usually experience pain in the nipple and there is a sensation of heat. The areola area also undergoes changes such as easy peeling. If it is severe, this infection does not cause swelling of the breast and blood fluid comes out.
  1. Mastitis

Mastitis is also an infection that occurs in the nipples, especially in women who are breastfeeding. Other causes of infection that can also occur in men consist of obesity, diabetes, active smoking, and have given birth before.

Pain usually occurs when the condition of mastitis is severe enough. Someone will experience bleeding so it needs treatment such as the use of antibiotics to use pain relievers.
  1. Duct ectasia

There are times when breast milk causes blockages in the channel. This condition causes swelling, pain, and secretes certain fluids and blood. Although it does not have the nature of cancer, women will be quite disturbed. Moreover, the breasts are often painful when rubbed with clothes or when walking and sports.
  1. Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a skin disorder that can occur anywhere including the nipples. Usually this condition arises if the skin cannot stand or is allergic to certain ingredients. For example soap, perfume, or other products. The skin will become inflamed to an infection if not treated immediately. Bleeding can also occur if the skin continues to rub against clothes and the wound is getting worse.
  1. Intraductal papilloma

Intraductal papilloma is one of the tumors that can trigger problems in the nipple because it spreads in the mammary glands. Although it can trigger bleeding, this tumor is not malignant and has no cancer element. It's just that, growing up is still painful.

This tumor generally occurs in women aged 35-55 years. This condition can also occur in men even though the chances are low. Someone vulnerable to this tumor if using contraception, there is hormone therapy, and family history.
  1. Cancer

Bleeding in the nipples is a sign of breast cancer. This bleeding is a sign that the condition of the cancer is getting worse. Furthermore, the most common signs of breast cancer consist of:
  • Swelling in the breast that is clearly visible. For example the left and right chest there are significant differences in size. Generally this increase in size arises because there are lumps that continue to grow.
  • After the nipples are cleaned every day, dirt after dirt remains. Moreover, more and more fluid comes out in the form of blood alone, another thick liquid with an unpleasant odor can also appear.
  • Breasts become sensitive and easily cause pain when touched. even being in a bra and shaken while walking is still painful and uncomfortable.
  • Swelling that spreads to all parts of the breast, not only in the part that originally had the tumor.

When should you check?

Bleeding that occurs in the nipple does not always have a big impact on the body. However, if some of the conditions below arise, you should immediately carry out an inspection as soon as possible.
  • More and more blood comes out, although not as much blood when other parts of the body are injured like being cut. If you often find spots on clothes or bras, don't wait long. Immediately do an examination to determine the cause.
  • Parts of the areola become discolored and look strange. If this section continues to change and you are already uncomfortable, it is better to get treatment immediately.
  • Apart from blood, most likely the areola area will also release certain fluids and the aroma is not pleasant. If you are already in this phase do not delay anymore to check yourself.
  • A lump in the breast appears and feels painful to the touch. This lump can be a tumor or cancer. If this condition is left, the condition will get worse and the breast feels more painful.
Here are some reviews about what can cause bleeding in the nipples. From the discussion above it can be seen very clearly that the nipple disturbance cannot be underestimated. If the bleeding condition is severe and the area of ​​the breast is increasingly painful, it is better to see a doctor immediately.

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