7 Benefits of Playing Badminton, One of which Prevents Hypertension!

7 Benefits of Playing Badminton, One of which Prevents Hypertension! - Badminton is one sport that is very popular with the people of Indonesia. Not only offering a lot of achievements in various events, badminton is also played by all levels of society in various regions. Not unexpectedly, this very enjoyable sport to do can actually provide a lot of health benefits.

Various health benefits of badminton

If we routinely do badminton together with friends or family members, health experts say there are some benefits that we can get.

Here are the various benefits.
  1. Can prevent hypertension

Actually, routinely doing various kinds of exercise can help control blood pressure and prevent hypertension, but badminton can provide far greater benefits for heart and blood vessel health.

This is caused by almost all parts of the body that are active while doing this sport. Blood circulation will increase and ultimately affect the effectiveness of heart performance and blood vessel health. This can also make blood pressure more stable.
  1. Make the body fitter

Badminton is included in cardio, a sport that can make the heart muscle become stronger. This makes blood vessels distribute oxygen and nutrients much more effectively to various tissues, systems, and organs of the body. This will impact on the body that feels much fitter and more vibrant.
  1. Can help you lose weight

Routine badminton exercise can also make the metabolic system significantly increased. This will certainly have an impact on the process of burning body fat better and ultimately make weight loss.

For information, badminton can burn more calories than running or walking, around 450 calories to be exact every hour.
  1. Can make the cognitive function of the brain getting better

Badminton apparently can also provide health benefits for the brain. This is influenced by increased blood circulation, including those going to the brain. This condition turns out to have a positive impact on the performance of nerves and transmitters in it. In fact, routine doing so is said to make brain mass increase.

If we do cardio sports like badminton for 30 minutes only about 5 times a week, then the cognitive abilities of the brain will increase dramatically. This will impact on the ability to think, concentrate, remember, to get new ideas getting better. In addition, routine doing so can also help reduce the risk of developing dementia in old age.
  1. Can make muscles and joints stronger

Lots of muscles and joints are active when we play badminton. For example, calves, thighs, pelvis, hips, arms, shoulders and back become more active. This will impact on the muscles and joints of the body stronger and healthier. The risk of developing health problems such as arthritis can be suppressed.
  1. Can reduce stress

When doing badminton, the brain will produce endorphins, dopamine, tryptophan, and serotonin in greater amounts. These hormones can make us happier and improve our mood. We also will not be susceptible to stress and mental health problems such as depression.
  1. Can prevent the arrival of various dangerous diseases

A study conducted by the Diabetes Prevention Program produced the fact that routine badminton exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes by 58 percent. In addition, the hobby of playing it can also prevent osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and obesity.

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