10 Ways to Take Care of a Beard to Stay Neat and Healthy

10 Ways to Take Care of a Beard to Stay Neat and Healthy - For some men, growing a beard is important because it can increase self-confidence. However, many men do not understand how to maintain a beard's condition properly. The following are ways to care for a beard that you can try.
How to Take Care of a Beard Easily

Before explaining how to care for a beard, keep in mind that a healthy beard will not make the surrounding skin dry, irritated and itchy.

If you have facial skin that is moist and not easily irritated, it will make your beard grow better. In addition, how to treat mustaches and beards can also affect appearance.

Some important things to do to treat beards on the face are focus on the edges of beards, tidiness, and the use of nutrients for beards and skin. The following are ways to treat beards that you can try, including:

1. Shave the beard to resemble the letter U

The first way to care for a beard is to shave it properly. Keep in mind every man has a beard line that creeps into the cheeks or at the bottom of the chin. While in other men, a lot of beards grow on the neck.

So, how do you determine the appropriate beard? The trick, you can put one finger above the Adam's apple to determine the base line of the beard. This method is useful for determining the line from a straight point on the neck before using a razor.

Next, from the point above the Adam's apple you can start shaving by forming the letter 'U' from behind both ears or behind the jaw line.

2. Caring for beards while treating skin

Many men assume that how to care for a beard is only related to keeping hair. In fact, maintaining healthy skin around it is something that is no less important. This is needed to reduce irritation or infection.

How to treat beards here, related to how treatment before and after being shaved. Not only treat facial hair and shave according to a certain pattern, you also have to make sure the skin is kept clean.

3. Use beard oil or balm

The next way to treat a beard is to use a special beard oil or balm. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer and a cooling agent that can help stimulate beard growth.

In order to get the best results, beard oil is recommended to use in the morning after bathing. At that time, the hair follicles are open, making it easier for the oil content to seep.

Meanwhile, beard balm is useful for managing a beard so that it can help increase the volume and shape of a beard. In addition, balm can also eliminate odors, help maintain moisture, and protect hair from dirt.

You can use balm with aloe vera, green tea or camelina oil.

4. Use shampoo and conditioner

Men who have beards should routinely clean their beards at least twice a week with shampoo. Besides shampoo, you can also use conditioner so that the beard is not rough.

Beard shampoo that can be an option is a shampoo that is full of nutrients containing aloe vera and peppermin oil. This shampoo is believed to be able to moisturize and soften beards. To compensate for the use of shampoo, you can pH-balanced conditioner that will make strands of hair strong, reduce damage, and soften.

5. Shave regularly

Beard neatness will appear if you have a size that is not too long. Immediately shave your beard using the right tools so it does not interfere with your daily activities. The shaving tool used must have a sharp knife in order to trim the beard quickly.

6. Routinely combed

Not only hair on the head, beards also need to be combed regularly. How to treat a mustache and beard can make it look smoother. Routinely combing a beard or mustache will make hair more organized and ensure growth in the right direction.

Like hair, beards can also look dry. The method that can be used to overcome this is to use nail clippers. Cut the ends of curved or matted hair, then trim with a fine-toothed comb.

7. Maintained oral hygiene

How to treat a mustache and beard on this one is often overlooked by some men. In fact, maintaining the cleanliness of the area around the mouth is something important. Bacteria and germs are more easily lodged in beards and mustaches, and can be easily transmitted to others.

Therefore, brush your teeth regularly, wipe the area around the mouth with a tissue after eating and trim the hair around the area.

8. Consume a healthy intake

Although there are no special foods that can maintain beard health, as long as you maintain a healthy eating balance, it can also indirectly hearmeet the condition of hair and skin.

Some supplements such as vitamin B complex and biotin can strengthen hair. However, claims on this matter cannot be proven with certainty. Consult a doctor to get the best results.

9. Get enough sleep

How to treat beards on this one is something that is almost the same suggested to overcome various health problems. A study revealed, someone who sleeps less, it can affect the growth of beards. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy and bushy beard, you must maintain good sleep.

10. Don't rush to shave your beard

How to care for the last beard is easy to do. You only do this by not shaving for several months. If you want to shape your beard as you wish, then don't be in a hurry to kiss it.

After a few months of not shaving, then you can start to form a beard. If the beard has grown thick and evenly, you also don't need to need a beard-growing product. Let the beard grow naturally while doing regular maintenance.

Well, those are some ways to care for your beard. Good luck.

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